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Remembering ALMN & Doom Mods, Destiny 2 – Episode 2

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ALMN Loved Doom Mods and playing Doom.

Matt Lackey otherwise known in the internet world as ALMN. He was a great guy and hilarious. I’m not sure what happened but he has since passed away since recording this podcast episode.

So I decided I should re-release with on the new Full Tech Podcast standard.

This Episode

We talk about Doom mods, Duke Nukem and at the time the Destiny 2 Clan.

This episode is now has a very special place in my heart. While I didn’t know Matt outside of the internet. I really felt like he was a special dude and considered him a friend.

The Episode starts off with a story that I happened to have right before recording.

  1. State of Destiny 2
  2. Duke Nukem 3D and the Movie
  3. Halo 3 sucks
  4. Doom in general and Doom Mods
  5. Best Retro Console/Games
  6. Roblox or Black squad
  7. Streaming in General
ALMN Matt Lackey Doom Mods

This is ALMN’s Bandpage, I should still have a code if you want to download the music. Just hit me up on Twitter – @realkynerd or Smango#2019 on discord.

Rest in Piece ALMN.

1 thought on “Remembering ALMN & Doom Mods, Destiny 2 – Episode 2

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