best arena shooters

The BEST Arena Shooters 2022

Looking for the Best Arena Shooters in 2022? Look no further has you covered! These games are in no real order and are just the best of what the year has to offer in the Arena FPS Genre. Arena FPS games are making sort of a small comeback with Quake Champions with the largest player base […]

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Xonotic Arena FPS

Xonotic Arena FPS game is a GREAT game that is overlooked. As I kept searching for something to scratch the Diabotical itch. This Fork of Neuxiz is the best of the bunch. Based on the Darkplaces Engine this game is tons of fun, great graphics. For some reason, I missed the 2010 golden era of […]

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QuakeFans Radio

The Diabotical Podcast

Smango decided to make an only Diabotical Podcast EPISODE! Celebrating the release and successful launch of Diabotical. The latest Arena First Person shooter. Right now the game is still in Closed Beta. To get your hands on a copy be sure to check out Diabotical Podcast Topics No morning spill or anything. Just an […]

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International Arena FPS Day – Quakefans Radio Episode 5

International Arena FPS day! It looks like our favorite franchise is celebrating its 21 first birthday. Quake came out December 21 1996! Yay, at least that is what I discovered during the live stream because I really had no clue why this was international AFPS day. I might be wrong so if anyone else has […]

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