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Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Review


This Fatal Bullet Review on Steam is a game based off the Anime show known as Sword Art Online. I’ve been a fan of the show for quite some time. I’ve tried other SAO titles and found them underwhelming.

For whatever reason, this is the first Sword Art Online I’ve truly enjoyed. There are several I’ve tried on the inferior gaming machcines such as the PS4. I’m more a fantasy person whenever it comes to JRPGs or MMORPGs. Fatal Bullet is a very fun experience and I hope you enjoy this SAO Fatal Bullet Review.

SAO Fatal Bullet Review

Fatal Bullet Steam Review

RELEASE DATE: Feb 23, 2018

DIMPS is a developer I thought I had never heard of but apparently, I’ve played a ton of their games on PC. Some of the most notable games on PC are games such as Dark Souls III and another hit Jump Force. So with those 2 fantastic games, you can imagine that Fatal Bullet should be great as well.

Namco, of course, is the company who brought us all PAC-MAN so unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 30+ years you should’ve heard of their name.

You know I would’ve never in a million years would’ve put PAC-MAN and Sword Art Online in the same sentence. Yet, here we are. 2 great IPs underneath the same roof.

For those who don’t know what Sword Art Online is. It is an Anime about a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game. That went completely wrong and everyone got trapped into the game until it was finally beaten. The story, of course, continues onto another game and the Anime season is called SAO Fatal Bullet.

This is the game adaptation of the Anime Series.

SAO Fatal Bullet PC

I will say that you don’t have to have seen the anime or even the first season of Sword Art Online to enjoy this game. However, there are certain main characters and stuff you will be confused about why they are even there. I think that you would enjoy this game more if you have seen the show compared to if not. You can still enjoy the grind of this game though.


After you create your avatar you are introduced into the game as a newbie because of course, you are. It’s an MMO. For whatever reason you meet up with your childhood friend who lives down the street?

You eventually end up teaming up with your friend female lead character and eventually unlock one of the rarest items in the Gun Gale Online Universe.

An Arafa-sa unit. This is basically an NPC that follows you around and does quests with you this is also how you are introduced to the main characters of the Sword Art Online universe as they have been hunting this down.


Fatal Bullet’s art style is fantastic and keeps true to the anime with the use of cel-shaded graphics.

Monsters after killing them explode into digital triangle bits and it is very satisfying.  The only issue I’ve ever known with cel-shaded games is that they don’t hold up as well as you would think. Perhaps the technology has gotten better and because of the higher resolutions these days.

The framerate is locked at 30 Frames Per Second unless you go to the settings at the BEGINNING MENU.

Check out the Smango TV Youtube Channel for some Quality PC Gaming gameplay on Steam.

You cannot change video graphics during gameplay which is very annoying. After unlocking the framerate to a smooth 60FPS.

I could really tell a big difference in the fluidity of the game. The in-game movies actually do run at 60fps no matter what because I didn’t notice until I got into the game.

Playing the game at the 1920×1080 everything on high-ultra settings, I didn’t have to turn anything down that I’m aware of.

If you want to know my setup you can always visit Smango’s Corner on my current hardware and setup. This game doesn’t have high requirements as my EVGA 1070 destroyed it alongside my AMD Ryzen 2700x.

Please be sure to check out Smango’s Corner to check out my latest setup.


Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet

The biggest downfall of the game is there is no English dubbed option at all or that I’m aware of. I’m not saying the audio isn’t quality, I’m just saying I don’t speak Japanese. I’ve always enjoyed JRPGs since I was a tike. It’s just not pleasing to my ears to hear all the characters keep saying stuff that I have no clue what is being said.

Even during the heat of the moment, all the characters will scream out sayings. I mean you can read it if you can read subtitles and aim at the same time which is not a good thing.

Finally figured out you have to go to the MAIN MENU OPTIONS at the very beginning to turn off voice sounds. This was a much better experience for me I end up having to read everything anyways without a language that I don’t understand.

The music and other sounds are fantastic though and it gives you a wonderful feeling that you are actually into the game. The weapon sounds are pretty much on point throughout every single weapon I’ve used.


Fatal Bullet Review Gameplay

I believe that this is the strong point of the game. After you get past all the talking, and nonsense that no one truly cares about.

Possibly the hardest hardcore of Sword Art Online fans might care. You finally get to dive into the GGO universe.

You are completing quests, unlocking different outfits, random weapon drops and progressing through the story. This is the greatest strength this game has by far, you can even do online co-op and PvP that I’m aware of.

Don’t worry SAO fans you do get to play with some of the main characters and do speed runs on certain character specific quests.

If I had to compare the gameplay to any game in the last century I’d compare it to a game like Borderlands more than anything else. While this is a PC review you do have the option to play with a controller with the game will naturally put Aim-Assist on.

Aim Assist on this game is pretty much broken and you don’t have to aim at all, even with a MOUSE. I highly suggest taking this off unless you are playing with a controller and want some extra assistance trying to aim with joysticks. The Aim Assit doesn’t give you the critical hits though so you deal normal damage. For example you are not going to produce tons of headshots using the in-game Aim Assistance.


Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet on Steam is a very Solid game. It really doesn’t do anything game changing or new that is going to change gaming.

If you are a fan of the series at all you will no doubt enjoy this game. Unlocking the framerate to 60 FPS does help the experience on PC as well. After getting passed the inital startup. Meeting and greeting everyone from the SAO universe.

You finally get to enjoy a solid game which allows you to Co-Op with some of your buddies.

The downfall of playing on PC is the awful User Interface. Which requires you to use a keyboard to navigate.

This tells me that this was a direct port from console. Ports like this do hurt the PC experience which is why I have to give this game a medicore score.

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