Community Building Eco Server – Episode 36

If there is one thing this place needs, it is a way to build up the community a bit. This is why the Community Building Eco Server is up! Be sure to join Discord so you never miss an update or a way to community with everyone else playing on the server! More Eco Server […]

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League of Legends is still good in 2021 – Quake, DBT, and Rust

League of Legends is still a major MOBA game after all these years and going into the year 2021. It’s amazing how RIOT a company that started from nothing still charts at the top of the Twitch Streams with its amazing game. Riot also has plans to release a MMORPG in the following year or […]

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Podcast Update 2021

The Full Tech Podcast is finally coming back in 2021, with this Podcast 2021 Update with your Host Smango! Since I’ve retired the name Quakefans Radio I’ve since added all the podcast episodes to the Full Tech Podcast Feed. For some reason Apple got confused and took the Podcast off, because of Redirects… I’m not […]

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Remembering ALMN & Doom Mods, Destiny 2 – Episode 2

ALMN Loved Doom Mods and playing Doom. Matt Lackey otherwise known in the internet world as ALMN. He was a great guy and hilarious. I’m not sure what happened but he has since passed away since recording this podcast episode. So I decided I should re-release with on the new Full Tech Podcast standard. This […]

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