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Quake Champions CCU Feat. TheKeep Host TheMotherLoad – Episode 8

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Quake Champions CCU Feat. TheKeep Host TheMotherLoad – Episode 8

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Quake Champions CCU

SyncError starts using weird abbreviations for words in his recent post in some random Quake Discord. Something about CCUs which we think is the player base.

InTheKeep.com host and my buddy TheMotherLoad joins for his first appearance on QuakeFans Radio! Be sure to check out InTheKeep Podcast over on iTunes!

Tons of stuff is covered in this episode! Let us know how we did on social media using #quakefans.

Also if you are tired of the gatekeeping going on in the QC Subreddit. You can now join the QuakeFans Subreddit https://reddit.com/r/quakefans

Today I’m covering the Following

  • Morning Spill
  • What in the world is CCU
  • Quake Champions Subreddit Censorship
  • Quake Team Arena had abilities
  • MatchMaking is Jacked up in Quake Champs
  • Diabotical is getting closer to release and I hear its GOOD
  • Channel Update More Quake/Doom Mods and Indie Games!
  • Dusk Stuff

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