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Diabotical Closed Beta Announced! – EPISODE 13

Full Tech | Information Technology Podcast, and PC Gaming
Full Tech | Information Technology Podcast, and PC Gaming
Diabotical Closed Beta Announced! - EPISODE 13

Diabotical Closed Beta has been announced for February 28th, 2020!

You can go sign up RIGHT NOW for a CHANCE of getting a closed beta invite! – Sign Up Here-

This is really good news as many people have speculated that the game was never coming out. Diabotical was set for a March 2019 release with Epic Game Store snatching them up I’m expecting a March 2020 release.

Diabotical will be a FREE 2 Play game with the same model as Fortnite. Skins, Battlepasses… you get the idea by now.

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Diabotical Closed Beta Topics

  • Diabotical Closed Beta
  • QCNA Discord Changes to NA Arena FPS
  • Zoot is officially Gone
  • Halo MCC Flight Invites

Learn more about Diabotical – https://quakefans.net/what-we-know-about-diabotical-2gd/

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