Magic Legends

Magic Legends is it Good?


The recently released Magic Legends a game made set in the Magic the Gathering universe really caught my eye lately.

The only real question is, is Magic Legends Good? Magic Legends released a public Open Beta on the 23rd of this month and truthfully… The Launch wasn’t what I expected or as many others had hoped for.

Today I’ll break down some key points below on what is Good and bad about Magic Legends and if you should give it a shot.

The Core Gameplay

The Gameplay is where Magic Legends really shines in my opinion. This game feels a little mix between an MMORPG and a Diablo-esk ARPG.

The only problem is loot is more like a MMORPG than it is a ARPG. Whenever you get a piece of gear it is rare and most likely an upgrade, this apparently was by design. This is not what normal ARPG players are use to so it can throw a few of them off track.

The hook of this game is going to be the card or deck building, naturally given that is a Magic the Gathering game. It features a unique twist on the combat. You do not always have your favorite skill/spell you can spam, instead your “hand” rotates from the cards in your deck.

You then have to manage your current Mana Pool and play the hand that you currently have while going through the game. This is by far the strongest and coolest thing that Magic Legends brings to the table.

If you don’t like summoners then this might not be your game, each character summons monsters to fight. You still have spells but if you never liked to summon monsters in previous ARPG games then I would stay away.

Magic Legends Story

I really wish I had more to offer here, I’ve played a few hours and really I have nothing to grasp a hold of.

Soon as you create your character you are thrown into the game, there is fighting going on. You are a planeswalker, it never says where you come from you just appear, along side another planeswalker who is getting attacked by another planeswalker.

Anyways you start chasing the bad planeswalker and eventually she escapes, so you have to chase her more.

You are then teleported to zendikar I believe where you can join fellow planeswalkers on to find the bad planeswalker.

For some reason people kept corrupting all these Hedron cubes which you must fight monsters off of before they corrupt. From research online this continues for quite some times and is the instance parts of the game or dungeons if you will.

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Performance The games Biggest Problem

I can deal with a lack there of story as long as it has fun gameplay, which Magic Legends does have. The main problem is the game runs like pure garbage.

I have a 3700X Combined with a 2070, pretty normal mid-range setup equipped with Magic Legends installed on a fresh and brand new M.2 and the game runs like crap. On Low-Settings running on 1080P I’m barely getting 30-55 FPS.

This really is unacceptable. I’m hoping a performance patch is released soon as this game really, really needs it.

I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, the game just released to the public in open beta. So of course there are going to be issues.

So is Magic Legends Good?

Magic Legends is far from perfect but I really think the game has potential to be good. With the recent launch of the game and open beta struggles. Let’s hope that the developers listen to player feed back and resolve issues quickly.

As it stands right now Magic Legends isn’t what I would call Good. It has quite a bit of work ahead of itself before everyone would consider it good.

Another thing to look out for is Micro-transactions. You could, easily spend $100s if not $1,000s of dollars if you are not careful. It’s easy to get caught up in collecting and unlocking things quickly.

Be sure to check back and there will be a podcast episode on this soon!

You can grab Magic Legends completely free by using the Epics Game Launcher!

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