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How to Install Zorin OS in 2021 W/Video Guide

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Today we will learn how to boot and install Zorin OS in the year 2021. In this video, we are using the completely free Version of Zorin, Zorin Lite as well as the 64-bit version.

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Why Zorin OS?

Zorin has a familiar look that many Windows users are accustomed to. That in itself can make it easier for you to give this to maybe a family member to mess around with. Or, even yourself if you are just starting out learning Linux.

Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu so that in itself makes it really easy for me to manage because I myself have used ubuntu servers for a long time now. Even this website is hosted on a Ubuntu LAMP stack.

The Beta for 16 is out but I decided I would not focus on anything BETA but the latest release of the Operating system.

Zorin Live CD Password

Many times we might not get right to the installation of your favorite OS. Zorin is no different if your system becomes locked while you are off doing something else. You might be scratching your head on what in the world the password might be.

  • From my research, the password is usually blank
  • Or you can try – mecktech

To open back up your system and get to installing Zorin!

If for some reason you can’t log back in, don’t stress you can boot back up to your USB/Live Disc again and start over.

Troubleshooting your install

If you watched the video, you saw that I ran into problems with the GUI.

Whenever I launched the Install in safe drivers, it wasn’t using GPU power at the point and is the reason it worked.

Suffice to say whenever the full installation of Zorin was completed, it naturally wanted to use the drivers it had installed.

Turns out that the graphics card was completely toasted. The smell of those burning electronic components was strong and I almost thought something was on fire.

Anyways, nothing else was wrong with the PC, and nothing was wrong with Zorin. I tested another video card and another Live disc to make sure!

Welcome to Troubleshooting!

Is Zorin OS Fast?

Zorin OS

The install on the video is running on hardware that came from the 2012 era. I would say that given the hardware I ran Zorin OS on. It is extremely fast and snappy. Compared to maybe installing a modern Windows operating system I would give Zorin the upper hand in speed and reliability.

Linux is known for also releasing other versions of the operating system for legacy hardware. If you are having problems running 64-bit on hardware from the late 90s and early 2000s I’d suggest maybe getting that version instead.

IS Zorin OS Safe

Zorin is as safe as any other distribution I’ve used. Linux is safe and open source and oftentimes is way more secure than that of a Windows Operating System.

Some Linx distributions have had privacy concerns such as LinuxFX. As far as I know, there has been no spyware or anything concerning your privacy with Zorin OS.

If you are wondering if it is safe to install or dual boot beside Windows (10,11). Yes, you can install Zorin alongside many operating systems.

The Zorin bootloader upon installation will recognize the Windows or other Linux operating system you have installed beforehand.


Zorin OS is a great Linux Operating system to get started on. As always with Linux, you can pretty much turn any flavor of Linux into just about anything you want. Zorin is a great step toward getting acquainted with Linux while keeping the look of Windows something you might be familiar with.

I hope everyone enjoyed the video and this small post about Zorin OS in 2021. I look forward to creating and sharing more knowledge with everyone in the future.

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