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The FTP Eco Server Has Launched *Updated*

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UPDATE – I’ve decided to shutdown the ECO Server, as there wasn’t enough interest in having our own server up and running anymore. Maybe a Minecraft server would be better in the future, I don’t have the time or willingness to pursue customizing the server that people would enjoy on an ECO server. Sorry for the inconvenience this might have cause you.

Fulltechpodcast has officially launched its own ECO Server. I will be administrating it of course.

This ECO Server will be a 90 day meteor, with Big Shovel, and the ability to carry more resources.

TheSmango Twitch

To check the current state of the server you can click here for now.

How to connect to the server

The preferable method to connecting to the server is simply by searching it in the browse feature!

Look for this name – | ECO (World of Economy) Server

From there you should be able to connect. If you are having issue the best bet is to join discord and let me know you are having problems.

As always you can reach me on my official discord where we can discuss this fun new and exciting Eco Server. I do plan on uploading some Podcasts and some YouTube videos featuring the events going on with the server.

The server is currently hosted on a temporary Windows 10 PC. The plan is to eventually place it on my virtual machine host so the server can manage the resources there.

Dedicated Eco Server

dedicated eco server

This Eco Server is made so that it can run 24/7 or will be up as much as possible. Obviously server restarts will happen and will be announced on Discord.

The plan is to keep the server going as long as possible, the world is backed up daily, and even hourly. So don’t worry about your progress being lost.

So there won’t be much downtime whenever it comes to the server if I can help it.

Current Mods

The current running mods on the server are:

  • Big Shovel – Link
  • Custom Stack Size – Link (The Stack Size can be changed at any time)
  • Auto Pickup and Lucky Break – Link

Any mods you think might be great for the server, will be voted on and discussed in Discord.

Fun Community Building Eco Server

The overall goal of the server is to have a fun and engaging server. Many friends will be made here.

If there is any sort of griefing going on we will address it whenever it is brought to the staffs attention. The main plan is to have fun, and destroy the meteor within 90 days!

Make friends, and have a great time.