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Get Better with these Clan Arena Tips

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With these Clan Arena Tips, we are providing down below you will be well on your way to being a top teammate and Clan Arena player.

There are tons of AFPS games that feature the game type or a variation of it such as Diabtoicals Wipeout mode. Most if not all of these tips should be pretty universal when it comes to the game mode. However, my knowledge comes from Quakelive and Openarena so I mostly will be talking in that sense.

Weapon Switching

While you are playing Clan Arena and well for the most part any Quake/Arena FPS game. There really are 3 weapons you need to focus on at first. The weapons are the Railgun, Lightning Gun, and Rocket Launcher. (Long Range, Med Range, and Short Range)

The problem you are having is you never switch weapons at the correct time… or even at all! If you want to do well in Clan Arena you must know when the best times to switch are.

The other weapons are very subjective and require different scenarios on when you should use them. Knowing when to use them will come with experience.

Fighting Alone and doing NO Damage

Keep in mind while playing CA it is a very team-focused mode. A good player can carry a game a little bit but the overall goal is to output damage.

Unlike other modes, there are no pickups and you start with a full stack of armor, health, and all the weapons. You must be putting out damage. While in theory, you could deny people mega health and armor in other modes. That simply doesn’t exist in CA.

If you are not putting out damage you are going to be pretty useless to the team. A team would rather have someone who outputs damage than is just a meatshield.

This means you need to always try to have the advantage of 2V1 the opponents and stick with your teammates.

Stop Chasing Bad Fights

This is even one I’ve had to break myself from multiple times in many game types and modes. Chasing bad fights.

I’d suggest using my rule of thumb, just because you put some damage on someone doesn’t mean you got to go directly after them!

Great, you shot someone in the back, go back and help your teammates that are probably in trouble. You’ve already done a good job by making someone weaker than they previously were before.

Whenever you go full-on bull rushing after someone cause you saw them. It’s not going to end well for you in CA.

Most likely you are going to be facing multiple enemies as soon as you hit the corner, or greeted with a rocket to the face.

If it’s the last player and your teammates are following behind it might be a good thing to chase and finish off the round. You should still always be careful while chasing.

Stop trying to be the Hero

It’s easy to get greedy thinking you are the best on your team. In Quake Live CA, people have been playing for years and years. You most likely are not the MVP on your team.

Stop trying to rocket jump all over the map thinking you are better than the whole other team. Not only will you be greeted with 3 lightning guns spamming you to the ceiling. You will instantly die and be out the entire round.

Leaving your whole team to pick up your slack.

If you realize you aren’t the best on the team, it’s probably a wise decision to start protecting the MVP. Most great players at CA stick out in the first few rounds of the match if you don’t recognize a name. Wait till about round 3 and see who is leading in damage and try to protect them.

If it really is you! Great!

Still don’t try to be a hero, you are important and need to start alive until the round concludes.

Target the best or Top player

If you know someone who is the best player on the other team, you need to focus on them first and foremost.

They going to be using a lot of their teammates as meatshield but if they can go down first, they need to go down.

Like I’ve said before, a very skilled Arena FPS player can almost carry a whole team to victory, you don’t need to give them the chance to do so.

This is also vice-versa on your team, you want to protect your best player if you can, because they will most likely be able to provide you with a W in the last moments of the round.

Clan Arena Tips Conclusion

This is made for people who are like me and still learning how to hang in Clan Arena with the best.

I’ve made multiple mistakes in CA and hoping that this video and guide will help maybe some inexperienced players do a little better.

Clan arena is a fun game type and it will help you do better in other modes as well. Helps you learn the maps in a pretty decent competitive fashion.

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