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FTP or Full Tech Podcast is a podcasting/blogging/youtube Website.

Blogger, Gamer, and IT Professional Smango.

You can Follow Smango on Twitter – @TheSmango for all your PCGaming, Retro Gaming, Big Blue Nation, and Podcast needs!

Information Technology and Gaming Focus

Covering Old games, New Games, and News in the PC Gaming industry. MS-DOS, Linux, and Windows!

I love to keep my skills up to date whenever it comes to Administrating Windows and Linux servers so much of that will reflected in many Blog posts.

With a nice Retro Collection and Modding skills I decided I can open up to the “Retro” Community as well.

Since deciding to dissolve Quakefans.net, all that content will be updated and placed onto this platform as well. I love arena shooters and will continue to do my part to support the ones I play.


The podcast at first will reflect some of the older Podcasts of the 1st generation of Full Tech. These will be edited and re-done for the re-launch.

Whenever I find an interesting topic in the Technology world of Windows/Linux or system administration I will be glad to share my thoughts on long-form content such as the podcast.

The podcast will also have a “video” version to help grow the YouTube channel and achieve that 4k Watch time.

If you enjoy hearing my takes on old video games and technology with a Southern Twang. Then you’ve came to the right spot.


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Owner and Operator of Fulltechpodcast.com best way to reach Smango is Twitter @TheSmango