Full Tech Podcast is a PC Gaming Podcast now focusing on Reviewing PC Games on steam with a new Curator as well as all PC Gaming platforms!

Blogger, Gamer, and IT Professional Smango is the host of the Full Tech Podcast and Website.

You can Follow Smango on Twitter – @realkynerd for all your PCGaming, Retro Gaming, Big Blue Nation, and Podcast needs!

PC Gaming Focus

Covering Old games, New Games, and News in the PC Gaming industry. MS-DOS, Linux, and Windows! No Apple Macs here Macs are the scum of the earth.

If you are a true gamer you play on PC.


The podcast at first will reflect some of the older Podcasts of the 1st generation of Full Tech. These will be edited and re-done for the re-launch and only cover PC Gaming. Of course we reflect on games in general but this is no longer a retro podcast, or general purpose. It is PC Gaming.